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Just had to share my experience with using your product "Pentosan" My mare ran better than she ever has after your rep and my vet recommended trying your product.
Jay Arrowod
pharmacy association

Small Animal Treatment

US Compounding is a PCAB Accredited, veterinary, compounding pharmacy.  We offer a wide range of benefits to our small animal patients and veterinarians which include the following:

  • Providing a source for medications that are unavailable, unformulated, discontinued or backordered
  • Development of individualized dosage forms including transdermal creams, injectables and capsules
  • Offering over 80 treat flavors for every type of pet
  • Compounding Dye Free, Preservative Free and Lactose Free dosage forms

US Compounding Veterinary pharmacy works to provide you limitless treatment possibilities, that are favorable to the owner and animal and increase compliance.  Most orders can be sent out the same day and tracking is available upon request.