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Just had to share my experience with using your product "Pentosan" My mare ran better than she ever has after your rep and my vet recommended trying your product.
Jay Arrowod
pharmacy association

Large Animal Treatment


US Compounding takes great pride in providing medications for all animals.  We know that most  of our equine patients are "performers" , however they are still considered family members.  Administering medications to these large family members can be quite challenging but it is also crucial in our partnership with the animal.  Whether your goal is a to have a healthy horse or a top performer, US Compounding takes our responsibility in these goals very seriously and take great pride in helping you and your horse in reaching these goals.  We also take the goals we set for our compounds very seriously and strive to be the best healthcare partner for you, your animal and your veterinarian.   



Dosage forms that are easier to adminster, for instance we can compound a paste that is the equivalent of having to give 20 tabs Increased consumption of medication, no powder left in the bottom of the bucket Equine friendly flavors (even if you have spoiled them a little) Multiple medications can be combined into one dose



Source for unavailable or back-ordered medications Can combine medications to increase complaince Compounds can be dropshipped directly to your clients Decrease the cost of inventory to the veterinarian


US Compounding is the exclusive compounder of  Harthill products.  These products have a wide range of use for all disciplines.  They have stood the test of time and proved to be safe and effective for over 40 years.